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"studying", /y/, aberforth/goat, actual strangers with candy, addictions, always being on irc, androgyny, art, avarice, bad people, being alone, being awkward in general, being barefoot, being drunk in public, being hardcore, bert/ernie, black leather anything, body modification, boys in eyeliner, calling random people sluts, capslock, chaos, cheapness, color, constantly changing my interests, control, counter-culture that doesn't suck, crabbe/goyle, creation, creative schizophrenia, crossdressing, death, dementor smut, destruction, detention, dirty talk, do not want, drawing porn, drunken hook ups, duct tape, dumbledore/grindelwald, envy, equal rights, etc., everything inbetween, explosives, extreme procrastination, fallen angels, free stuff, freedom, gangstas, gant/von karma, gay, gender conflict, getting enough sleep, glowing in the dark, gluttony, gods, good people, goofus/gallant, hardcore, having 8000 browser tabs, having adventures, helping people, human existence, humanity, identity, im seduction techniques, imagination, inconceivably ironic situations, individuality, insanity, insomniacs, just plain wrong slash, lessthanthree, life, long boss battles, love, lust, mad torrenting, mind fucks, misfits, money, mornings after, mortality, mythology, ninjas and pirates, nostalgia for nostalgia's sake, not being afraid, not having laugh tracks, not president bush ever, not wearing pants, not work safe, obama, perverts, philosophy, practically inhaling fruit snacks, pretending i can write, pride, psychology, pyramid head, questioning people's masculinity, rain, randomness, reading anything and everything, rebelling, redemption, religions, rocking out, sarcasm, saving/destroying the world, scars, secret agents, sex in practice, sex in theory, sexuality, shawn/lassiter, simultaneously having contradictory otps, slashing everything, slashing teachers, sleazy things, sleeping, sloth, smut, snape/harry, strangers who smile back, swearing, tender things, tentacles! tentacles! tentacles!, texture, the infinite human potential, thinking too much, too many things, un-redemption, vibration of victory, violence, watching people fall, wild and pointless things, wrath, xxx, yaoi and yuri, you, your mom, zombies,
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