Another taken from my post over [ profile] free_manga. I will attempt to xpost my older manga uploads over here, but I wonder if all my old links work?

Sharing Yellow hearts by Yonekura Kengo (Seinen + hentai) and Manga no Tsukurikata by Hirao Auri (Seinen + yuri) (Both are being scanlated)

Title: Yellow hearts
Author: YONEKURA Kengo ( &hearts !!!)
Genres: Drama Mature Psychological Romance Seinen hentai
Summary:.A former prostitute and a man with a violent past meet in near-future Japan. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll collide in the Japanese underworld.

Chapter 1-6

Title: Manga no Tsukurikata
Author: HIRAO Auri
Genres: Seinen Yuri
Summary:This manga is about a girl who debuted as a mangaka at the age of 13, but no longer has any work as a mangaka at the age of 19. She decides to once again be a mangaka after reading manga by someone named Sachi and since girls love and boys love is currently popular she decides to go out with a girl coworker named Morishita who is in love with her to gain experience for her manga. However, she finds out that Morishita is Sachi! .

Chapter 1-11

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