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Sasameki Koto & Girl friends

NOTE: Both series are ongoing! I uploaded individual chapters, since older chapters of these series can both be a bit hard to find, if you don't know where to look.


Title:Sasameki Koto
Genres:Comedy School Life Yuri
Summary: This is the story of Murasame Sumika and Kazama Ushio, two BFFs with a complicated relationship.

Sumika is madly in love with Ushio, and has been for some time; but Ushio only shows any interest in cutesy girls. Sumika, a card-carrying badass TDB who helps run her family's dojo, does not fit this bill even a little. Cue angst, as she is forced to watch from the sidelines as Ushio falls for girl after girl, none of them her. However, it seems that things may take a turn for the better..

Scanlator(s): TEA-Scans (dropped), Dynasty Scans (currently)

My thoughts: When I saw that we were getting an anime (More info here!!!) I couldn't resist uploading this series for you guys. This is, without a doubt, my favorite yuri. I can't get enough.

Chapters 1-13 here

Title: Girl Friends
Genres: Drama Romance School Life Yuri
Summary: Akko and Mari are best friends, but what if one of them discovers that her feelings are more than that of just girl friends?

Scanlator(s): MakiMaki Scanlations

My thoughts: Now, I don't like this one quite as much as Sasameki koto, BUT, that's probably because its got a more shoujo feel. Still, it's totally worth the read.

Chapters 1-21

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